Wenn eine eine Reise tut …

Als ich vergangene Woche am Morgen etwas überstürzt nach Berlin aufbrach, verschob ich mein Frühstück auf die mehrstündige Zugfahrt. Aber leider habe ich meinen Frühstücksbeutel auf dem Küchentresen stehen gelassen. Auf Nachfrage wies mir der Zugbegleiter den Weg zum Automaten. Aber weder Chips noch Bifi noch Bounty konnte ich mir als Frühstück vorstellen. Enttäuscht und entschlossen durchzuhalten bis mittags ging’s zurück auf den Platz. An einem ungewöhnlich langen Halt erklang plötzlich die Durchsage, die Weiterfahrt verzögere sich wg. Schienenbruchs. Ein Zeichen des Himmels? Gleich erkundigte ich mich beim Zugbegleiter, ob ich schnell mal aussteigen und einkaufen könnte.

Er machte meine Hoffnung zunichte, es ging gerade weiter. Ich muss ziemlich zerknirscht ausgesehen haben: jedenfalls kam der Mann einige Minuten später mit seinem Brötchenbeutel, den er mir anbot. Er versicherte mir, dass er nicht „verhungern“ würde … ich fand, das war eine unglaublich tolle Geste und konnte mich gar nicht genug bedanken bei Herrn Wecke aus Berlin. Er verwies auf die website www.eisenbahner-mit-herz.de, die für gerade solche Geschichten da ist. Ich finde generell, dass das Zugpersonal sehr viel freundlicher und entspannter ist seit einigen Jahren, auch wenn die bei den vielen Verspätungen u. ä. einen sicher oft unangenehmen Job haben.

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  2. This year I've done something a bit different..I asked for a dream to show me what my focus of the new year should be on..the answer I got was Love-well actually,my first dream was about a stripper but I am NOT doing that,heh-and so this year, I am going to look at all things in my life with Love.So far so good,it is challenging to remember every day but my experiences have been much richer and joyful..kinda cool!

  3. Flagellé, insulté, il eut pu être crucifiéDu zénith au nadir, brûlé de soleilLes réécrits le voient à Sune pareilComme Sune habité, comme Sune magnifié.Comme Sune lézardé dans sa chanson de geste,Cette quête de l’unique au cœur des multiplesMarcheur immobile aux innombrables périplesGriffé de ratures, mon cher Palimpseste…Jésuite, souviens-toi des vers de ton illustre pair :« Nos cinq sens imparfaits, donnés par la nature,De nos biens, de nos maux sont la seule mesure. »François-Marie Arouet dit Ferney, ou Voltaire.

  4. I have been reading Clusterfuck Nation for a long time. I skim over it now, just to see what Kunstler’s up to. He is often good for a laugh, but be forewarned:You will not find anyone with a more cynical, dour, doomsday, Chicken Little outlook. You will find his talking points repeated over and over in his Monday blog posts, his books and his lectures. Maha, your outlook is way more positive than Kuntsler’s can ever hope to be!Cheers.

  5. De toutes façons, l’essentiel a été dit et écrit sur la shoah. Il existe des milliers d’ouvrages et d’articles sur le sujet. On en connaît les faits et les mécanismes. Tout ce que les historiens pourront encore mettre à jour est marginal. Reste une seule question, une seule, qui renvoie à la part maudite, la face obscure de l’être humain: pourquoi?

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  7. “But Christ came as High Priest of the good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this [physical] creation. Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption” (Hebrews 9:11-12)

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  9. Hi, Dominick. I don’t believe we met when you adopted Shorty from us last year. I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your updates. As a long time volunteer who readily grows attached to the cats and dogs who come under our care, I can tell you it’s uplifting to hear of their good fortunes with folks like yourself. Rock on Shorty!Steve Salerno

  10. Ref la “nu vor face asigurare că „ne ajută Cel De Sus”” – sa È™tii ca exista multinationale care nu își asigura flotele considerând ca, pe baze statistice, daunalitatea este mai mică decât primele plătite.Dacă concluzia are la baza ideea ca prostimea e religioasă, ar trebui sa fii mai atent la nuante.In rest rezonez cu tine!.

  11. Thanks for this, Kath. My blog's charting my adventures as I move through these phases. It takes a bit of courage to be so public about it because I'm sure I'll look back and cringe, but it's inspiring and encouraging people so I keep on daring to show where I'm at now… and now. It's a treat to read about this growing experience from the perspective of a published author.I do it better every time :o).

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  13. Having seen the headline \\Democratic to a fault?\\ and a reference elsewhereto Ramachandra Guha’s line on instability being India’s destiny, I thought of using this as a peg for my Riding the Elephant blog on Indian current affairs – but, having read the piece, I won’t because there’s scarcely a new thought in it and the \\historian’s\\ instability/destiny point is not argued through. Then there are some characteristic broad sweep-swipes like Indian \\bureaucracy is incompetent\\ which is just plain wrong. Prospect, I fear, risks is losing its bite! je  

  14. This is really not that complicated folks. I will quote that non-Pulitzer prize winning commentator, namely me, “You cannot credit yourself, as Johnston is doing, with contributing your own money to a pension fund until it has been earned.”Jim Yeager-”if I make a salary of $40,000 a year in 2009, but get a raise to $45,000 in 2010, and ask my boss to take that $5,000 difference and put it into a savings account in my name rather than add it to my paycheck, I have no right to that money later?”No, that is not what I am saying. See above.

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  16. For example, it would make a great deal of sense to draw the lines so they encompass whole communities rather than being completely arbitrary,Why? given that, once a law is passed it doesn’t matter if „your representative“ voted for it or against it, why does it matter what districts look like provided districting isn’t deliberately rigged to favor one group over another?

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  20. Nobody loves Dirtbag more than I do. Meeting him on the field before Game 1 of the ALCS is a moment I will tell my kids about. If you are OK with the lying and the deceit just to sell a few video games, that’s cool. I am sure it doesn’t bother a lot of people. But it bugs me. Again, I am happy for Longo to get his endorsements. Get ‘em all. That’s great for him. Just dont be a phony while doing it. Sorry, I expect better from Longoria.

  21. My first novel was a terrible mess for the first couple of drafts. I tore out scenes, added new ones, rewrote characters all over the place. It’s been through so many revisions I’ve lost count, which is probably why it’ll stay safety trunked.I think I had a vague outline for it, but the story came to me so ingrained in my head that I didn’t really need one. It was something I had to write for me, to get it out there. Not necessarily a book worth selling.

  22. Intéressant de noter que les Sarkolâtres sont incapables, dans leur argumentation, de citer UNE SEULE mesure concrète que leur idôle aurait prise qui l’eût fait mériter son titre tout nouveau de « grand Président »!Non, ils répètent bien sagement exactement les mêmes mots, hypnotisés: « grand président », « sortie digne », etc.Mais argumentez, nom de Dieu, citez-nous ces hauts faits qui nous auraient échappés!Réveillez-vous, vous êtes plus intelligents que ça!!!

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  25. Kurt my take Is that if we play the Magic we have to single cover Dwight Howard concede points and keep the 3 point shooters In check. Much Inthe same way the Bulls beat the Magic In 96, single covering Shaq and not allowing Penny, Nick Anderson, D.Scott get hot from the perimeter.

  26. I doubt most of the poorer people could afford such a complicated ritual, and you could always rig it so it has to be a gradual thing. “Magic” doesn’t mean you can change or do anything. The anime Simoun dealth with this in an odd fash, where you had magic bullshit fountain sex changes versus the more primitive “invading” couionntry who had to take hormones etc.

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  30. , I’m a HUGE proponent of FTTH because I believe it may be in the strategic interist of the US to invest in capital projects such as this. China and Europe OUTPACE our investment in infrastruture by a factor of 4-to-1 and 2-to-1 respectively. We should be doing the same instead of “eating our seed corn”. Grumble, Grumble…

  31. Your mention of tipping point brings to mind other, negative tipping points. We must join together and have enough people who understand the issue of climate change and make a commitment to the right choices that will help to reverse the damages being done. The alternative tipping point is when enough of the planet’s ecosystem has been ruined that there is no going back.

  32. Bagi pemandu2 yang beragama islam tu… sebelum bergerak dari terminal baca lah doa perjalanan bersama-sama penumpang sekali.. tentu penumpang akan rasa lebih yakin dan tenang. Insyaallah..Ini tak…on je kunci…terus jalan…habih tu camno…tapi tak suma camtu kan…dan para penumpang pula kalau ada pemandu memandu dengan laju…tegur mereka.. kalo liat tak makan tegerun…komplen kat syarikat bas tersebut.

  33. Cato,Why? Let me guess, your a committed altruist. I feel that Objectivist arguments are wasted on conservative blogs. They are too „randroid and cold“; ie too logical and principled. The more I read, the more I realize that the conservatives are ultimately useless for any meaningful defense against Islam or Jihad. They’re just too damn religious/altruistic.D.E.

  34. Heisann,Dette var fantastisk flott av deg!Jeg leste om hennes tyveri, og det er jo helt forferdelig! Jeg vil gjerne ogsÃ¥ hjelpe, men tror ikke vi fÃ¥r betalt direkte inn i den banken fra norsk nettbank… Kanskje det kunne vært et alternativ for oss som ikke bor i Danmark??Jeg ble uansett rørt over dette samholdet inne i denne bloggeverdenen og hÃ¥per hun fÃ¥r god hjelp til Ã¥ fÃ¥ seg nye symskiner :o)

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  36. This is mind-boggling! I’m not a writer, but I can imagine this is the equivalent of being burgled,then being told because you sometimes have guests it isn’t really your house, and you should be grateful the burglar vacuumed the living room….As a bye-the-bye, however, I do find the whole witch-hunt thing that’s going on with the google rankings, etc, quite distasteful. I think it’s possible to utterly condemn something without resorting to vitriol or petty-mindedness. It’s all a bit Mean Girls, especially when the author in this case has been very gracious.

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  39. 13 patients can be transported that’s not necessarily what the commissoner said. I took the quote as meaning it will be used as a place to consolidate transports and “deliver better care” while better managing resources. Delivery and transport of patients was not specifically said. Seems like it will be a triage/care center while the ambulances will do the moving.

  40. More and more I wonder if this, this emptiness, is just a product of being a certain age. Is what we have ever enough?I just ended a five year relationship – better to live alone and be lonely than to live with someone and feel that way anyway.Single, no childen, and no relatives close to where I live – some days I cherish my ‘aloneness’ and other days I wonder how it went so wrong. Friends are great but I also sometimes wish for my own people.

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  44. I will pray for you, Theresa. I have a friend who is going though the same time of situation with her husband and is in the process of going through a painful divorce. Like you, she is a very devout Catholic and is clinging to the Lord for comfort. She is a very compassionate and caring person and if you ever need someone to talk to, please email me at and I’ll put you in touch with her. Stay strong…I’ll be praying!God Bless,Gary

  45. You are correct of course but this test is for all the people who think they will make it into Heaven on a scale of “goodness”. Testa tikai parāda, ko varÄ“tu kvalificÄ“t personu par to pietiekami labi Gods acÄ«s nokļūt debesÄ«s saskaņā ar Viņa standartam. Jums jābÅ«t ideāls domas, vārdiem un darbiem no dzimÅ¡anas lÄ«dz nāvei ar nulles kļūdas. It is an impossible standard to meet on a scale of “goodness” and that is the whole point. Bez JÄ“zus, Numurā nav pestÄ«Å¡anas cerÄ«ba par jebkuru cilvÄ“ku.

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  54. I love your newsletters and they are really helpful. I have been looking for your cookbook, but so far, Barnes and Noble and one other store didn’t have it. Can’t wait….in the meanwhile, I will make your orange cake to tide me over until I get the real thing. Thanks, you are a great inspiration.Marti

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  56. Mal ehrlich: wie viele von den Abonnenten gerade einer Wirtschaftszeitung sind private Leser, die das Blatt nach Hause an den Küchentisch bestellen? Und wie viele sind Unternehmen, Behörden, Institutionen im weitesten Sinne? Und was sind diese Institutionen jedes Jahr bereit, für so genannte Infodienste gerade aus dem Bereich der Wirtschaft auszugeben? Wenn man diese Zahlen mal mit reinrechnen könnte (so weit man sie weiß), sieht es vielleich noch etwas anders aus…

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  61. – That’s a good point, you get charged at both ends for the transfer. It seems unfair. I had a bank account in France for a while so I’m familiar with being charged for cards and just having an account. In some ways though I would prefer to be charged up front and know what’s going on, rather than have my money taken by hidden charges and penalties. Neither was it perfect I suppose

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